Hasb e Haal Comedy Talk Show with Azizi Latest Episodes

hasb e haal latest episodesHasb-e-Haal was Started in January 2009. Its idea basically comes from the old shows Jamhoor Di Awaaz and Nizam Din Di Baithak . Aftab Iqbal host these show at that time. Hasb-e-Haal (Urdu: حسبِ حال‎) is a political comedy show that airs on Dunya TV. Hasb-e-haal Watching on Dunya News at 11:05 pm from Thursday to Sunday.  The show was an instant hit. In April 2010, The led anchor of famous TV program Hasb e Haal By Aftab Iqbal, has left the program after a argument with the owner of Dunya TV channel Mian Aamir Mehmood. Sources told that Aftab, after a quarrel with Mian Aamir, has left Dunya TV but he was later requested many times to join again for the sake of his program Hasb-e-Hal but Aftab Iqbal simply denied the request and says that he is not interested any more.Here Pakitalkshows.com will provide you the Hasb e haal Latest Episodes.

Hasb e Haal Cast:

Its stars Sohail AhmedJunaid Saleem.

Sohail Ahmed known as Azizi is in Hasb e haal  talk show , on stage. He is remarkable for comedy stage and TV dramas based in Lahore. He unstudied dialogue during stage plays. In 2016, Sohail plays the character Azizi in the show Hasb-e-Haal on Dunya News, where he does commentary on political affairs and other topics. Most of the TV shows that he has acted in have been on Pakistan Television Corporation. Sohail Ahmed prefers to use unplanned dialogue during comedy shows.

Junaid Saleem is a Pakistani Talk show host at Dunya News. He hosts Pakistani political comedy talk show “Hasb-e-Haal” with Sohail Ahmed (Azizi) and Few Guests. Junaid belongs to an Arain family. He is also the Chief Editor of the famous newspaper “Daily Insaf“.

Concept Of Hasb-e-Haal:

Hasb-e-Haal is a comedy program that offers commentary and satire on current affairs. Sohail Ahmed plays the character of a lower middle-class man who is frequently reprimanded by Junaid Saleem because of his broad generalizations and over-simplification of complex political issues. Jia offers queues for laugh lines and reads viewer’s comments in the show.

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Hasb e Haal Segments:

There are different segments such as:

  • Adabparay
  • Bait Baazi
  • Hasb e Mazzi
  • Hasb e Daak
  • Interview
  • Khabron par Tabsara
  • Tasweeron aur videos par tabsara
  • Mukhbariyaan
  • Off-Beat Hasb-e-Haal
  • Parodies
  • Siasi Film
  • Tu Tu Main Main

Effects On Other Shows :

Due to the popularity of the show, several similar shows emerged. These include Khabernaak on Geo TV, Khabardaar on Express News,3 idiots on Aaj TV, Masti Gate on ARY NewsMaazaq Raat on Dunya News  and News Night on Din News. Most of the shows have been canceled due to lack of viewership. Khabardaar on Express News is still the most high rated show in Pakistan . Aftab Iqbal was the only person who started Hasb-e-Haal, Khabarnaak and Khabardaar.


Sohail Ahmed usually dresses up like politicians, cricketers or other celebrities and imitates them. This imitation mostly is in the form of a parody. He also plays other characters.

  • Feeqa

Feeqa, characterize by Sohail Ahmed, belongs to a professional family. The character sheds light on the plight of the lower class of Pakistan. The usual topics discussed are relatives’ weddings, and rituals.

  • PQN

PQN, short for Pervaiz Qaiser Naseer, is a corrupt politician who would do anything to come into power. The usual topics discussed are elections.

  • Deemah

Deemah is an ordinary man who is sick with multiple diseases.

  • ZVS

A fashion designer, who keeps praises on his talent. He is a modern fashion designer with a gay attitude.

  • Witchcraft & Aalim Baba

Sohail Ahmed plays a spurious “Aalim” who, according to his rants, is the master of witches and spirits.

  • Master Majeed

A teacher.

  • Abdul Ghafoor Jimmy

A Pakistani who lives abroad and is concerned about the security situation of Pakistan.

  • Azizi’s Investigation News

Azizi presents a parody news program which investigates secrets and misdeeds of politicians.

  • Michael

This character is an American agent who overuses the catchphrase “kadu saday paise” (“give back our money”). This satirical character denigrates the Pakistani society for asking for American money despite thinking of America as an enemy.

  • Nadamat

A die-hard supporter of a fictional politician, Changezi.

  • Sureelay Khan

A classical singer, often accompanied by Dabbay Khan and Hamnawa.

  • Policeman (SHO Siddique)

SHO parodies problems and issues affecting police forces, especially corruptions.

  • Petrol station attendant

Azizi takes on the disguise of a local petrol station attendant to highlight the problems with the trade.

  • Nomi

A student who never passes his exams.

Hasb-e-Haal Show Politicians:

  • Raja Riaz
  • Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain
  • Shahi Syed
  • Shah Mehmood Qureshi
  • Maulana Fazlur Rehman
  • Firdous Ashiq Awan
  • Javed Hashmi
  • Mir Hazar Khan Khoso
  • Jahangir Badar
  • Yousaf Raza Gillani
  • Asfandyar Wali Khan
  • Sheikh Rasheed
  • Nawaz Sharif
  • Shahbaz Sharif
  • Imran Khan
  • Asif Ali Zardari
  • Mustafa Kamal
  • Donald Trump
  • Maula Baksh Chandio
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Ishratul Ibad
  • Daniyal Aziz
  • Najam Sethi
  • Chaudhry Sarwar
  • Farooq Sattar
  • Pervaiz Rasheed
  • Khursheed Shah
  • Rana Sanaullah
  • Barack Obama
  • Narendra Modi