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khabardaarKhabardar was started in September 2015. Khabardar is an Punjabi and Urdu comedy talk show. Khabardaar Watching on Express News at 11:03 pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Aftab Iqbal host of this comedy talk show. Aftab iqbal joined this talk show in 2015. The first show of Aftab Iqbal is Hasb e haal, it was instant hit. After some time, He left the show due to qurrel with the head of Dunya News. Then he join the Khabarnaak show, he was the host in this show. This show was also very famous during this time. Few years later, he left the Khbarnaak show due to unknown reason and join the khabardaar show on Express News . this Show was also very popular due to joining the Aftab Iqbal. Khbardaar is a comedy Talk  show as well as television talk shows where  discussing on political topics, current affair and social issues.

Khabardaar cast:

Its star is Aftab IqbalAftab Iqbal is a  TV anchor, columnist and journalist from Okara, Pakistan. Aftab Iqbal started his career on  in 2008 from a the show Hasb-e-Haal which is air on Dunya News. Iqbal  hosted the Hasb e haal with Sohail Ahmed  and Najia Baig. It was a news-based comedy talk show. After few years he left the Hasb e haal and Started a show Khabarnaak which is air on Geo News. He got much more instinct hit from Geo News. His program many characters were in Punjabi, that’s whay difficult to understand for some people. In 2015 He left Khabarnaak and Join khabardar on  Express News. He is currently hosting Khabardaar with Aftab Iqbal on Express news. it is a comedy and news based show.

The other cast members of Khbardaar:

  • Honey Albela
  • Nasir Chinyoti
  • Sardar Kamal
  • Rubi Anam
  • Maira Khan
  • Abdur Rehman Amjad
  • Ayub Mirza
  • Azhar Rangeela
  • Asad Kaifi
  • Naseer Bhai(Late)

Concept of Khabardaar:

Khabardaar is a television talk show where some comedian or funny characters discuss on political topics, current affairs and society issues. In Khabardaar, Aftab Iqbal featuring as the host. The show make interest of audiences from different segments of the show, with the acting of some others comedians. Honey Albela make funny comments during the discussion. They usually use Punjabi Language and some peoples didn’t understand. They use Punjabi and urdu  for discuss political issues, current affairs and social problems.

Segmants of Khabardaar with Aftab Iqbal:

Every episode of Khbardaar consists of the following segments.

  1. The first and main segment is that in which host Mr. Aftab Iqbal, presents a topic of this show for discussing on it . The other cost as present as parody of different guests.Sometimes, the guests also include famous personalities, such as, politicians, players and actors.
  2. Another segment is that singing section in which an old song is sung by singers in the show. Some of the singers are:
    • Mughira Ahmad
    • Saira Tahir
    • Vicky
    • Zain
    • Joel Junaid
  3. Another segment is that some of the comedians of the show present a short skit. These skits often revolve around the common social evils prevalent in the society. Most famous skits are:
    • Khan Brothers(Parody Singers for various legendry artists from past) performed by Honey Albela and Azhar Rangeela.
    • Khan Sahebaan(Meerasi Gharana) performed by various comedians.
    • Thana Culture
    • Mughlia Darbar
    • Darbar-e-Sikanadri
  4. Another segment is Movies name. In this segment, aundiance or host say any old movie name, and the man in the cast who Answer the movie name, the actors, directors, producers and writers of those movies.
  5. The othe segment is Farhang-e-Asfia. In this segment, Aftab Iqbal, presents etymology of a couple of urdu words, that include either due to a mistake of publisher or due to mistake of listener
  6. The other segment is Ibn-e-Batuta. In this segment, Aftab Iqbal discuss the most popular, beautiful and famous places of the whole world which include famous cities, rivers, countries parks, villeges etc.

Throughout the Khabardaar with Aftab iqbal show, the comedian intrupt the show with jokes or commentery comedy.

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Special Episodes of Khabardaar:

  • Canada Tour.
  • Eid Special.
  • Ramadan Special.
  • Titanic Movie Special.
  • Abdual Qadir Special.
  • Qatar Special.
  • Sholay Film Special.
  • Russian Jail.
  • Devdas Movie Special.

Guests Of Khabardaar With Aftab Iqbal:

  • Kamar Zaman Kaira.
  • Faisal Saleh Hayat.
  • Imran Khan.
  • Haneef Teera.
  • Ashok Patki.
  • Mohammad Hafeez.
  • Nawaz Sheef.
  • Adolf Hitler.
  • eva Brown
  • Donald Trumph.
  • Raymond Davis.
  • Maryan Nawaz.

Timing of Khabardaar with Aftab Iqbal:

Khabardaar with Aftab iqbal watching on Express News at 11pm from Thursday to Sunday. Khabardaar with aftab iqbal Watching repeat at next day 4am and 1pm on Express News. Watching Khabardaarwith aftab iqbal latest episodes, khabardaar 2016 episodes and khabardaar special episodes on