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Khabarnaak is an Urdu and Punjabi Comedy show. Ayesha Jahanzeb host this show along with Mir Mohammad Ali. Khabarnaak Watching on GEO News at 11:05pm Thursday through Sunday. Mir Mohammad Ali act as a celebrity and Ayesha Jahanzeb as the presenter and co-host with the Mir Mohammad Ali in Khabarnaak, also some other comedians add more interest in the show with funny dialouges and unplanned jokes where if they required or not. After few years, the host of khabarnaak Ayesha Jahanzeb left the show due to unkown reason. Geo News removes the place of Ayesha Jahanzeb as the host of Khabarnak  and oppointed Najam Sethi’s wife Jugnu Mohsinon her place. In may  2017, Ayesha Jahanzeb come back after his vocations and now she is the current host of the Khabarnaak Latest Episodes. It is a comedy Television show as well as gossip talk shows where discussing on political topics, current affairs and society problems and also focusing on issues that affect us all.You can Watch Khabarnaak Latest episodes only on

Khabarnaak Cast:

Mir Mohammad Ali is a Pakistani television comedian who working in Khabarnaak on GEO News.  Ali is a superb in parody of any other celebrity or politician. He parodied of manyfamous politician including Raymond Davis,  Asif Ali Zardari, Parvaiz Musharraf, Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman. Mir Ali was also a king of parody . he received the Performance Award from the President Mamnoon Hussain in 2015.

Its stars Mir Mohammad Ali and here are some others:

  • Ayesha Jahanzeb
  • Wajid Khan
  • Saleem Albela
  • Hassan Murad
  • Sherry Nanha
  • Abid Farooq
  • Naeem Baloch
  • Zeeshan Haider
  • Shahzeb Mirza
  • Mehar ul Nisa
  • Mani Butt
  • Akbar Ali Fani
  • Saqib Naeem

Concept On Khabarnaak:

Khabarnaak is a talk show where some characters discuss on political topics, current affairs and society problems. in Khabarnaak, Ayesha Jahanzaib featuring as the host. The show make more interest of audiences from different phases of Punjabi life, with the acting of Lucky Dear and some others. Saleem Albela adds funny comments during the discussion. They usually use Punjabi Language for discuss political issues, current affairs and social problems.
Khabarnaak is a show where some different characters discuss all aspects of the society which make more attention of audience in the show. Political issues is the main topic of Khabarnaak. The name of this section feature a Zabaan o Bayaan which is host Ayesha Jahanzaib. Ayesha Jahanzaib in this section wrong use of the language is corrects that is common among the people, and press on an Urdu language for peoples to make easy to understand ., Sajjid Bhai listening the songs which are suggested by the hosts as well as the audience and guess the composer, lyricists and actors from the songs with in the minute. Imran Bobby Cartoonist represent political scenes through his cartoons.

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History of Khabarnaak:

Hasb-e-Haal was the first show of Aftab Iqbal. He left the show in April 2010,  Due to the unknown reason. The first episode of Khabarnaak was lunched on television on 11 September 2010. The first episode  team members in the show included famous artists like Naseem Vicky, Badr Khan and Nasir Chinyoti with Amanullah Khan and Sakhawat Naz as a Jeeda driver. After few episodes, Sakhawat Naz and Khan became the regular cast and also join the new artists like Honey and Saleem Albela in 2011. Iftikhar Thakur  joined the Khabarnaak show in 2013.

After few months , Amanullah Khan,  Iftikhar Thakur  and Sakhawat Naz  left the Khabarnaak in August 2013 due to unknown reasons and joined the Mazaaq Raat on Dunya New. Naz and Amanullah Khan were part of the show at regular cast.. In place there, Agha Majid, a.k.a. Aroo Gernade just  appeared in few episodes.after those, Rubi Anum, Wajid Khan were added  to the regular cast at every episode. There are some characters who were appear in some shows Lucky Dear, Majid Jehangir, Abid Farooq and Akram Udaas.

In 2014, Aftab Iqbal left the Khabarnaakdue to falling of GEO Administration. Mir Mohammad Ali parody star host the show after iqbal. After the 2 to 4 weeks, Iqbal re appear on Geo News and started hosting the Khabarnaak again.

In August 2015, Aftab Iqbal left the show permanently. After the iqbal ,other members Agha Majid, Rubi Anam and Honey Albela also left the Khabarnaak. The new cost of khabarnaak is Hasan Murad, Sherry Nanna, Saba Gul and Lucky Dear.[9]

In 2016, Naeem Bukhari was replaced by Ayesha Jahanzeb as a host of Khabarnak show 2016. Jugnu Mohsin in turn replaced Jahanzeb in 2017.

Segmants of Khabarnaak:

1 :- Mir Muhammad Ali appears as a parody of different celebrites and do Comedy . Sometimes Saleem Albela, Wajid Khan or Hassan Murad also appears as a Parody of  different Pakistani peoples, politician, Karkuns and celebrities etc.

2 :- Ayesha Jahanzaib adviced people who sitting in the studio and those who are watching Khabarnaak on Geo News.

3 :- singing segment. Singer Khalid Baig known as the 2nd M.Rafi,  sings a song with his soulful Voice

4:- Khabar program Zunaira who has the Co-Host of Khabarnaak reads a News of last few days and the comedy with News.

5 :-after the khabar program. The  Khabar segment again or sometimes not.

Special Episodes of Khabarnaak:

  • Eid Episode
  • New year Celebration
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Imran khan Special
  • Pakistani Player Mohammad Hafeez
  • 6 September
  • APS
  • Boxer Amir Khan

Timing of Khabarnaak:

Khabarnaak watching on GEO News at 11pm from Thursday to Sunday.khabarnaak Watching repeat at next day 4am and 1pm on Geo News. Watching Khabarnaak latest episodes, khabarnaak 2016 episodes and khabarnaak special episodes on